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We sincerely welcome you to join Xiamen ZhongJingtai building materials Co.Ltd.. Since the establishment of ZJT, it has shared great reputation in the competitive because of its high quality and favorable service system. 
At the beginning of 2014, our company has researched the new material to replace the traditional wall materials under the guidance of innovation and development in order to meet the market demands. To survive, the enterprise should always find a way to get stronger and become innovative is our best chance to develop. During the research of this new material wall boards, we solved the doubts that clients wondered, and analyze the data collected from the market. And now, our new wall material has got the approval from the government quality department and accepted by more and more customers. Our core competence will always be positioned on product quality and technology innovation on the technology-driven quality, quality and strong brand.  
As the people of pollution and excessive consumption of resources, attention, energy conservation has become the focus for some time in the future. Because the traditional wall materials in the production and use large quantities of consumption of natural resources and environmental pollution, as China's increasing wall reform efforts to explore the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly alternative to low performance of new wall materials, can consumption has become a big block the development direction of building materials industry.
In promoting environmental protection, construction of a conservation-oriented society of today, ecology, energy conservation is the grand goal pursued by the construction industry, energy saving wall board wall materials in the field of modern architecture has become a popular trend, ZJT energy-saving wall materials for its special and advantages of the application to replace the traditional wall materials, and gradually developed into the main elements of ecological wall.
Friends, at a time when the development of China's high-tech wall a good period for a golden opportunity, let us seize the opportunity to work together, the cause of new wall materials for the country contribute to the development. Let "ZJT   " energy saving wall material benefit of mankind.

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