Steel EPS Sandwich Panel Classification

1. There are six kinds of core material: Polystyrene sandwich panel is EPS sandwich panel (on the market, the most widely used varieties);

Extruded Polystyrene Sandwich panel is an XPS sandwich panel;

Rigid Polyurethane Sandwich panel is PU sandwich panel;

Three Polyester sandwich panel is a PIR sandwich panel;

Phenolic sandwich panel is PF sandwich panel;

Rock Wool sandwich panel is the RW sandwich panel.

2. There are two types of panels: Metal panel and non-metallic panel two kinds.

Metal panels are easy to process, can be made into various shapes, but some occasions non-metallic panels have the role of metal panels, such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance and so on. Widely used in large-scale industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, activity room, building plus floor, clean workshop and need to heat insulation fire. Sandwich panel beautiful appearance, bright color, the overall effect is good, it set load-bearing, insulation, fire, waterproof in one, and no two times decoration, quick and convenient installation, short construction period, comprehensive benefits, is a wide range of applications, very potential of high-efficiency environmental protection building materials.

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