Lightweight Insulation EPS Sandwich Panels for Floor

Lightweight Insulation EPS Sandwich Panels for Floor

    • Product Parameter of  Lightweight Insulation Panels

    • Product name

       Lightweight Insulation Panels


      610 mm


      60/75/90/100/120/150 mm


      2440/2270 mm




      The indoor partition wall, exterior wall for modern high-rise building, factory, hotel,  school and all kinds of houses and structures.

Introduction Lightweight Insulation Panels 

The Lightweight Insulation Panels is a kind of light weight energy saving compound board,taking fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, mgo board or cement calcium board as surface panel,with cement, EPS, fly ash as fillers and compounded at one time. Lightweight Insulation Panels can replace building materials like red brick, clay solid brick, air brick, color-coated steel sandwich board, gypsum block;wire spatial grid structure perlite board,perlite porous board etc. It can be widely applied to various high and low buildings such as: bank,office building,hospital, school,hotel, shopping mall,amusement hall,portable dwellings,old house reconstruction,family house and workshop.

Feature of  Lightweight Insulation Panels Insulation Panels100% free of harmful substances and are of A non-radioactive products, standard GB6566-2001.

2.moistureproof waterproof:Lightweight Insulation Panels will keep dry and leave no stains. During humid days, the boards will not condense water either.  suitable to be installed in such wet areas as kitchens, bath rooms, basements because of its moistureproof and waterproof

3.good integration:By using steels at the joints, the strength of Lightweight Insulation Panels are  high enough to do partition in large story height and long span structures and it anti-seismic performance is several times higher than masonry.



Application of Lightweight Insulation Panels :

60/75mm thickness use for internal wall, 100/120/150mm  thickness use for internal or external wall.

1.Partition, indoor wall, outdoor wall of non-bearing wall

2.The renovation of the old buildings

3.Other condition which have strong requirements of the moisture proof, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation.



Company Info

Xiamen ZhongJingtai Building Materials Co., Ltd, a professional high-tech research and development company specializes in producing new energy-saving wall materials--Lightweight Insulation Panels, machinery and equipment development, technology production and promotion of product applications. We focus on pursuing to the environmental and energy-saving modern wall materials and also positively respond to the national policy on wall reforming.  Our company relying on the advanced equipment, first-class technology, excellent quality, strong productivity, favorable customer service system, has set up the good brand image in the market and been widely recognized by many other countries.If applied it on your buildings, it will improve your work efficiency, promote your work environment, save the work time, save the living space and be convenient for the late work maintenance. Since 3 years ago, we have been taking part in the trade shows in home and abroad and getting more cooperation with foreign customers.





1.What is your MOQ.

A: Sure, normally the Lightweight Insulation Panels MOQ of each size is 1×20ft container.  


2 .How can you guarantee our business in safe?

A: You can use the Alibaba Trade Assurance for your payment and we can sign business contract for your safety.


3. Do you have after sale service?

A: Yes,After sale service 24h×7. if you have any problem,pls kindly contact me

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Company:Xiamen ZhongJingtai building materials Co., Ltd

Address:Unit 2A, Lianchang Building, NO.6-8 Huli Avenue, Huli District,Xiamen,China

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