Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels For Shopping Mall

Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels For Shopping Mall











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Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels

Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels are 100% non asbestos,no harmful to health.It is a kind of building material which is not any limited for selling and using .From an economic perspective,ZJT lightweight sandwich panels reduce 30tons weight compared with traditional bricks in every 100 square meter of building area.And every 100 square meter building area could save living space about 4.26% by using ZJT Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels.Beyond that,ZJT Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels reduce labour,transporting and also construction cost.Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels have many advantages which makes it very popular in the construction field,including fast installation,earthquake resistance ,anti-aging ,waterproof etc.



1.Easy to construct and transport.Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels have many advantages which lightweight ,strong impact resistance that other materials do not have in the construction of the transportation.

2.Labor cost saving .Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels are very easy to cut and install ,In addition to the the skill of the operation personnel is required extremely low which is greatly save the time and labor .

3.Strong hang force.Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels single point hanging force greater than or equal to 50Kg.

4.Space saving increase living space.For example,red brick for four bedrooms ,two living rooms,one kitchen and one bathroom 196 square meters.Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels for four bedrooms,two living room,one kitchen and one bathroom 205 square meters.



The materials and properties of  ZJT Sandwich Panels make it possible that  the panel can be applied on various of place, such as floor, external wall, interior wall, partition wall,roof and pipe/fire well/equipment partition. 



1.What’s your trade terms?

We accept FOB and CIF.

2.How long does your sandwich wall panel use life?

Our Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels use life is at least 70 years.

3.How about your Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels hanging force?

Our Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels hang force is very strong ,single hanging force greater than or equal to 50Kg.

4.How is your wall panel soundproof capacity?

Our Insulated Sandwich Roof Panels sound insulation is very good ,it is 42dB for 100mm thick wall panel .


Our Company 
Xiamen ZhongJingtai Building Materials Co., Ltd, a professional high-tech research and development company specializes in producing new energy-saving wall materials, machinery and equipment development, technology production and promotion of product applications. Our company is situated in the charming city --- Xiamen, with convenience of water and land transportation and only ten minutes from the airport. We focus on persuing to the environmental and energy-saving modern wall materials and also positively respond to the national policy on wall reforming. We have developed successfully wall panels that meet the energy saving needs of modern architecture. In addition, We can produce more than 2 million square meters of various wall materials annually. Quality first, honesty and  win-win cooperation are our management ideas.


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