Waterproof Solid Core Cement Sandwich Panel

Waterproof Solid Core Cement Sandwich Panel

    Core Material



    Wall, floor, roof and prefab buildings etc.


    8-13 grade

    Use life

    >70 years

    Sound insulation



    13 degree

    Compression strength

    >3.5 Mpa

    Hanging force

    1000 N



Cement Sandwich Panel

Cement Sandwich Panel is lightweight panel with performance such as high strength, superior heat resistance, outstanding thermal insulation, excellent durability, chemical corrosion resistance, easy to cut and install. And Cement Sandwich Panel can be widely used for numerous applications in the building industry which benefits architects, builders and home owners in any residential or commercial buildings for fire rated walls and party wall systems. 

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1.Waterproof.Cement Sandwich Panel ’s surface is calcium silicon board, which has a good waterproof, moisture resistance. Therefore, the panel will not get sweat or wet because of the absorption of moisture and loose, and the halogen, deformation, strength and other phenomena. The wall in wet weather also no condensing water, can be used for kitchen, bathrooms, basements and other wet places.


2.Fireproof. Cement Sandwich Panel can reach for more than 4 hours of fire resistance limit at 1000 degrees Celsius, but do not emit toxic gases, non flammable properties to achieve national level standards.


3.Heat insulation and energy saving. Building efficiency is the focus of current concern in the construction industry.Cement Sandwich Panel fireproof and low thermal conductivity inorganic magnesium oxide board panels as surface panel, plus lightweight core material of magnesia cement EPS composition material, which has good heat insulation heat preservation function.


4.Easy cutting and transport.Cement Sandwich Panel is completely dry operation, assembly type construction, the Cement Sandwich Panel can be arbitrary regulation on cutting width, length, the transportation is simple, the stacking of health, material loss is low, can better reduce urban construction waste.


5.Saving cost and labor.Double wall smooth without plaster, compared with brick wall construction, the work efficiency is improved up to 8 times. After the wall is installed directly into the next step - decoration, greatly shorten the construction period, improve efficiency. 



Cement Sandwich Panel is widely applied to wall materials of various high and low buildings such as banks, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, malls, old houses reconstruction, residences, and workshops.



1.Where is your shipping port?

Our shipping port is in Xiamen ,Chian(mainland)

2.How do you pack the Cement Sandwich Panel?

With normal pallet and packing belt,free packing.

Standard exporting packing,wrapped with plastic thin film,edge protect and good pallet.

3.Is your Cement Sandwich Panel facing process easy?

Yes,swabbing,tile fixing,paste paper or wall cloth,paste facing board,paste marble is very suitable for EPS sandwich panel.

4.Is your Cement Sandwich Panel Environment  friendly?

Yes,All the materials have non-harmful substance, no radiation.


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