Low price Fireproof Internal Partition Wall

Low price Fireproof Internal Partition Wall











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Internal Partition Wall

Internal Partition Wall is composed of EPS ,additives,cement,fly ash and other fillers .And our quality and technology of product have reached to new level and became the leading brand among the similar products.ZJT cement wall panel has the advantage of solid,lightweight,easy cutting and transport ,long life ,earthquake resistance and impact resistance which is suitable used in floor ,roof and all kinds of building.



1.Anti-impact.Internal Partition Wall has the high strength and high hardness features makes its good performance in terms of shock.

2.Strong hanging force.Internal Partition Wall is made of the high strength ,hardness polymeric material stir forming ,through multiple processing working procedure,so the hardness and strength meet the national energy saving building materials standards.

3. Internal Partition Wall can be slotted wiring and buried pipe.Internal Partition Wall can meet all the demand which can easily slot hole on cement board.



1.Internal Partition Wall is energy saving, green, environmental friendly .The raw materials do not include harmful substances. Energy-saving effects of the building is greatly improved It is highly recommended by the government.
2. Internal Partition Wall is durable, and its building life span is more than 70 years.
3. Internal Partition Wall is very strong .Hard surface and no damage after impacting. The hanging strength of single spot is 100kg, can nail  and affix tile.
4. Internal Partition Wall has good fireproof performance.Internal Partition Wall have a fire rating of 4 hours. Grade A of National standard.


Internal Partition Wall not only can be used in wall partition ,but also can be used in floor application for the outstanding performance .It is especially suitable for warehouse,temporary buildings,etc.And EPS sandwich widely used in all kinds of special-shaped building.And the panel has advantage of dry used,easy installation,easy cutting which is suitable for pipe wells,fire wells,air shaft,etc.


1. Is the panel lightweight?
Yes, it is. Capacity six hundred and fifty to eight hundred KG per cubic meter, it is one sixth of brick wall , even is one half of aerated concrete block.

2. Is the insulation panel fireproof?
Yes, it is. It control fire slipping out of the origin unit, prevent fire spreading, prevent toxic gas generating .Through fire high temperature test for four hours, panels only have skin injury 

3. Is the panel thermal insulation?
Yes, it is. EPS panel's composite material determines that it has excellent heat insulation and thermal insulation functions 

4. Is Internal Partition Wall soundproof?
Yes, it is. EPS cement panel's surface is fiber cement board, interior composite material and the concave-convex grooves between two panels make it has excellent sound absorption and soundproof function. 100mm thickness isolate sound beyond 45db, it's much higher than block work

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