Lightweight Exterior Wall Sandwich Panels

Lightweight Exterior Wall Sandwich Panels

    Specification of Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels













       1.Exterior &Interior wall 

       1. 5mm calcium silicate board 

    as face panel 




       2.Floor & Roofing 

      2. EPS polystyrene & cement 

    as core  




       3.Well pipe,fire control 

    and equipment room

      3. 100% no asbestos 

       4.Ultra-high wall and Unique walls

      4. Solid heart 


Product Description of Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels

Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels are a light weight energy saving wall material and it is made from the calcium silicate board (fiber cement board), cement and EPS polystyrene foam particles. Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels can be widely applied to all kinds of buildings such as bank, office building, hospital, school, hotel, shopping mall, amusement hall, residence house renovation and so on.


Feature of Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels

*Easy Installation: Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels easy installation process and no specified skills are involved, hence only short time training is required.


*Easy Decoration: tiles can be applied direct on the Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels l and can be spiked, drilled, install setscrew at any point


*High Strength: Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels Can be used in high buildings (No deformation & No cracking )


*Anti-seismic & Impact-resistance: with scientific structure (alveolus inner structure)

*Environmental friendly: without any harmful substance


*Light Weight:1/6 of normal brick wall


*Water Proof & Moisture Proof: excellent protection for damp circumstance

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Packing &shipping of Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels

Free packing: normal pallet + packing belt
Standard exporting packing: good pallet+pearl wool+corner protective paper+packing belt+plastic thin film


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About ZJT

In the trend of low-carbon and energy-saving in domestic, ZJT is on a mission environmental protection, and actively promoting the development and popularization of green building materials. The composition of the materials of ZJT energy-saving Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels strictly implements national GB6566-2001Building Materials Radionuclide Limited standard, which belong to the main of the radioactive building materials and a kind of decoration materials, 100% do not contain harmful substances in humans, and in high temperature combustion state, the release of excessive part also can be operated in an efficient range so it has no direct threat to human. At the same time, the construction of the product itself almost do not produce construction waste, in the demolition of buildings the product has the reuse rate of as high as 72%-93%, so these features make it surely become one of the most environmental protection administration of green environmental protection building materials.

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Q1:Are you a manufacturer ?

A:Yes,We are a professional EPS Sandwich Wall Panels manufacturer in China.we have our own factory.


Q2: What is the minimum order quantityof Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels in your company ?

A: MOQ is 20ft container.


Q3: Do you offer customized logo in the Lightweight Exterior Wall Panels?

A:If you have a big order,we will consider it.


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